The use of Valtrex for suppression of genital herpes infections

February 14, 2017 Valtrex Genital Herpes

Herpes infections are caused by herpes virus. Once you get this virus in your body, you will live with it for life. This virus may cause different infections.
Human herpes virus type I causes cold sores and genital herpes. As for Human herpes virus type II, it causes genital herpes.
There are also other types of herpes infections that may occur in the body. If you have some herpes infections, like cold sores, genital herpes, shingles and chickenpox, you can use a range of different medications to help you out.
There is no medication that can help you out with eliminating herpes virus from your body for good.
Still, if you have some herpes infections by using different medication, including Valtrex, you can help your body to fight infections.
In particular, Valtrex works by preventing the virus from copying and in this way it helps your body to fight the infections. It will lessen the symptoms, but it is important to start treatment with Valtrex as soon as possible.
Some people may experience the occurrences of herpes infections more often than others. Having herpes infection is not that dangerous, but this infection still needs treatment as it causes lots of problems and inconveniences. A person having – let’s say – cold sores will not feel comfortable in a community.
If you want to secure yourself against the often occurrence of genital herpes infections, you can start suppression therapy.
Such a type of treatment is different from the regular treatment. This means that you will take Valtrex not when you have the first symptoms of genital herpes infections and not when you finish the treatment, but you will use this medication regularly for some time in order to prevent the occurrence of genital herpes infection.
If you regularly suffer from outbreak of genital herpes infections, you can use Valtrex for suppressive therapy in the dosage of 1,000 mg a day.
This dosage is right for people who do not have problems with immune system. In case you have had up to nine reoccurrence per year, you should use this medication in the dosage of 500 mg.
Is suppression therapy is really that needed?

This is really up to you if you wish to just treat genital herpes infection each time you have it, or if you want to make sure that you will not be having genital herpes infection at all. Please note, that suppression therapy is only recommended for people who do really have problems with genital herpes infections quit often.
If you have had problems with genital herpes infections for up to 9 times per one year, your source partner will also need to get the suppression treatment of genital infection.
Valtrex, the same as other medications, may cause different side effects and if you apply suppression therapy there is also the risk of having some side effects.
The most commonly side effects that have been noted after the use of Valtrex are headache, nausea, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, depression, arthralgia, vomiting and dizziness.
If you start using Valtrex for suppressive therapy and start experience these (and maybe others) side effects, you should ask for an advice your healthcare provider.
If it turns out that Valtrex may cause you severe side effects, you may be recommended to take suppressive therapy with some other medication.
All the information provided before is general and your healthcare provider may prescribe you with another dosage of this medication. Suppressive therapy is able to reduce asymptomatic shedding by about 95%. Suppressive therapy is also able to reduce transmission by about 50%.

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